silver repair and restoration

Repairing and restoring silverware always poses new challenges to a silversmith.
Attention to detail, knowledge of materials and extensive experience are needed to restore cherished pieces to their original beauty. This is why only qualified employees with many years of practical experience are allowed to perform such tasks;
I usually make repairs myself.

Thorakrone vorher             Thorakrone-restauriert


Burnish flatware and silver plating

Burnish flatware to a shine; deep scratches will remain
Dinner and dessert sizes, teaspoons, etc.

Euro 4,-

Restore flatware pieces and add new silver plating
(even some pure silver flatware is usually silver plated; 800/000 and 835/000 silver – normal used in Germany –  have a reddish tinge)

Euro 18,- and up

Remove small dents from teapots and coffee-pots, polish

ca. Euro 60,-

Restore teapots and coffee-pots and silver plate

ca. Euro 170,-

Restore medium sized tray and sliver plate

ca. Euro 150,- up to 250,-


blades repair

Tighten blade

Euro 15,-

Replace blade (standard blades, dinner or dessert size)

Euro 29,-

Serving pieces and special blades

 upon request

Binding prices can not be quoted without first examining the object. Send me your "patients," well packed and properly ensured.
I will examine the item and give you a quote, free of charge. Whether I perform the work or simply return the piece, you will be charged for postage.

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