refurbish and silver plating

In the refurbishment and silvering of tableware and cutlery, it is important to find a compromise between keeping patterns and engravings on the one hand and achieving a possibly beautiful result on the other hand.

In this work, I attach particular importance to preserving patterns and engravings.
It may be necessary to leave one or the other trace of use in the piece so as not to affect the overall impression.
In general, however, can reach an approximately new condition and you have many years of joy in your cherished pieces.

The work includes the following steps

    Execution of all necessary repairs (removing dents, straightening, soldering)
    Silver plating
    possibly blackening of patterns
    final polishing

Incidentally, the price for the work-up and re-silvering of the bowl shown at the above picture (diameter 260 mm) was Euro 160, -

A binding price for this work, I can only call you after inspection of the piece. Send me your "patients" sufficiently insured and well packed. I will give you a free quote.
For the return, whether it comes to the order or not, I charge you Euro 7, -.

Here are some price examples for orientation:


price examples refurbishment and silver plating
( without repairs like removing dents, solderings ...   )

Cutlery ( table size or smaller)

Euro 20,-bis- 28,-

Tea or coffee pot

ca. Euro 190,-

Sugar bowl or creamer

ca. Euro 110,-

Small tray ( for creamer and sugar bowl)

ca. Euro 130,-

Medium tray

ca. Euro 250,-

Large tray

ca. Euro 400,-

Candle stick ( up to 25 cm)

ca. Euro 160,-


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