Robbe and Berking:Material science

925 sterling silver:

Robbe and Berking manufactures the real silver cutlery and tableware exclusively in 925 Sterling silver. This is recognizeable at the stamp, also known as Hallmark, which is punched in each piece truesilver. You will find the hallmark at the back of the cutlery handle or at the bottom of the silverware.

The hallmark contains the fineness in thousandths. 925 means that the material consists of 925 of 1000 parts, or 92.5%, of pure silver. The remainder of 7.5% is copper. The addition of copper is necessary to increase the hardness of the material. Pure silver would be too soft to make commodities out of it.

In order to obtain the perfect color of pure silver, all the silver-colored articles are additionally coated with a layer of pure silver.

150g silver plated

The silvered cutlery and silverware is made of a base metal and is electroplated with a layer of pure silver.This shows Robbe and Berking by the mark 150 and the mammoth (or 90 on silverware and some cutlery from the special program).

The number 150 or 90 indicates how much pure silver was applied to 12 table forks and 12 table spoons. All other parts are of course silvered in the same thickness. Another definition is based on 24 Quadrahtdezimeter.
The basic metal used is usually german silver, also called alpaca. This alloy has a much higher strength than copper or brass.

For normal use and care, a 90s silver plating will last at least 2 generations, ie 50 to 60 years. Robbe and Berking have significantly extended this time with the almost twice as strong 150g silver plating.

With the exception of the stamp, you will not be able to see the difference to 925 sterling silver cutlery from the silvered cutlery and silverware from Robbe and Berking. The silvered items are made with the same care and attention to detail as the real silver.