blade replacement and knife repair

The repair of knives and serving cutlery with hollow handles are carried out professionally and gently in my workshop:

  • Mounting blades suitable for dishwasher

  • Replace broken or rusty blades

  • Solder knife handles

  • Silvering of knife handles

  • Grind blades (smooth and serrated)


blade types:

For blade replacement I use only stainless steel blades from German production.
In the picture you see the most common blades. However, many more blades are possible.
If your blade is not shown, please send me a picture with the length of your blade
measured from the separation blade - handle to the top. I would be pleased to make you an offer.



  • bread knife- bread fork

  • butter knife

  • small serving fork

  • fish fork and fish knife

  • forks

  • vegetable server

  • cheese knife

  • potato spoon

  • dinnter spoon

  • fruit knife

  • cake fork

  • sauce ladle

  • salad serving

  • cream spoon

  • tart knife and server

  • carving knife and fork

  • sugar spoon

  • letter opener



price list blade replacement and repair

fixing blade, dishwasher save, buttlers finish for the handle

Euro 18,-

blade replacement  (Solingen stainless, matt, dishwascher save mounted, buttlers finish polishing of the handle ( table knifes or smaller )

Euro 38,-
Polished blades are not available for the foreseeable future. If you wish, I can polish the blades for you. Surcharge for blade polish: Euro 12,-

serving tools and special blades

ask for a quote

additional price for fine saw cut

Euro 1,50

saw cut at your blades

Euro 3,-



kinds of blade fixing

There are several ways to fix the blades to a knife. Have prevailed and applied to date are 3 methods:

1. attachment with mastic:

This method is ancient. Here the handle is completely filled with melted mastic. This mass softens at approx. 70 degrees and becomes liquid at approx. 110 degrees. The blade, which should be provided with a long tang, is inserted in the handle. After the mastic has cooled and solidified, the blade is fixed. The advantages of this type of attachment are:

  •     The blade can be removed and refixed or replaced as often as desired without damaging the handle

  •     The handle gets additional stability through the mastic. Straight old knife handles are sometimes worked so thin that they would not be stable enough without filling.

  •     There is no lead to the silver. If lead is adhere to silver, it can cause damage if soldering is necessary

The big disadvantage is that the mastic soften at high temperatures, eg. in the dishwasher or very hot dishwater and the blades come out. In this context, especially with old knives, the household remedy 'boiling water - salt - aluminum foil' is not recommended.

2. mounting with lead-tin solder :

In this method, the handle is filled with sand, sawdust, cotton or the like, because the knife became too heavy for a complete filling with solder. Liquid tin solder is placed in the remaining space and the blade is inserted with a short tang. Tin has the property of expanding on cooling; the tang gets caught and is fixed.


  •     absolutely dishwasher safe


  • For weak handle, the sand does not give enough stability. The handle can even break at the changeover tin solder - sand.

  • The silver is leaded, which absolutely must be removed completely if a hard soldering on the handle is neccesarry (see above). This will probably be costly in case of repair. In extreme cases, it may be the handle is not repairable anymore

  •  If the hanlde has a small crack or small hole, dishwater ingresses into the filling and oozes out after rinsing

3. cementing:

In this method, the handle is completely filled with a gypsum-like mass that holds the blade securely after hardening.



  • relatively dishwasher-safe

  • high stability due to complete filling of the handle

  • no lead


  • This type of connection can be loosed only with great difficulty and with increased effort in case of repair.

After a long search, I managed to obtain a dishwasher-safe mastic that combines the advantages of all types of attachment. For this reason, I only use this type of attachment.


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